What Would You Do If You Had A Million Dollars?

What would you do if you had a million dollars? This is the question that high school guidance counselors ask to find out what profession you want to go into. Let me clarify, I mean 1 million dollars, not 50 or 100 million.

Its interesting, for those who believe in the 4% rule, this is the amount to provide $40,000/year for essentially the remainder of your life. Continue reading “What Would You Do If You Had A Million Dollars?”

Cut That Power Cost

This week I’ve made a few cost cutting measures in my electricity costs. I finally emptied out my second refrigerator/freezer in the basement and unplugged it. I also ordered 14-10 watt led light bulbs to replace 60-65 watt bulbs. Continue reading “Cut That Power Cost”

First Post!

Hi All,

This is the initial post of this blog. This is a blog about my revelation that early retirement is possible. I will share my story toward financial independence. I hope that this will help to hold myself accountable on my journey as well as inspire others on theirs. Continue reading “First Post!”