The $250 Trip To The Vet

We’re planning on going on vacation in about a month and whenever we go on vacation we put our dog in daycare. Being in daycare, she needs to be up to date on all of her shots etc, so I took her to the vet last weekend.

30 minutes and $250 later I was out of the vet and she had a clean bill of health. When we board her in about a month it will be about $250 also. I’ll admit, I’m complaining a little bit, but I’m just trying to highlight how much we spend on our animals and it borders on rediculus.

We now have 1 Siberian husky and 2 Persian cats. Below is an estimate of what we spend for their pleasure on an annual basis:

  • Cat food (they require special prescription food) @ $100/month = $1200
  • Cat litter @ $12/month = $144
  • Grooming (they’re long hair and need it to prevent mats) 2 @ $90 = $180
  • Cat vet visits 1 @ $150
  • Dog Food @$20/month = $240
  • Dog vet visits 1 @ $250
  • Dog daycare 14 nights @ $35 = $490
  • Miscellaneous = $100

Grand Total = $2,754 Annually or $48,000 over 10 years (with compounding)

I’m probably going to hear it from the animal lovers out there who say that you can’t put a price on the companionship of an animal but damn that’s a lot of money. Now I’m not suggesting that we get rid of them, we’ve had them for over 10 years. It feels like we treat our animals as royalty, we spend more on their haircuts than I do mine!

Anyway, we love them and they’re not going anywhere, just something to think about when you see that cute puppy at the pet store.

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