Money Hacks

Money Hack: A method of saving money while not reducing the overall standard of living or satisfaction (i.e. the good life for less).

  • Grocery Shopping – Whenever a product that you buy on a regular basis goes on sale at a large discount, buy as much as you possibly can, keeping in mind the expiration date.
  • Haircuts – My wife has been cutting my hair for years using a Wahl clipper. The haircut is fine and I’ve probably saved a few thousand over the years, not to mention the hassle of having to drive to the barber and wait in line.
  • Air Drying Cloths – Electric cloths dryers are one of the biggest energy hogs. Doing this can save a lot on your electric bill every month.
  • Air Miles Rewards Credit Cards – We’ve had a Jetblue card for years, and we’ve probably received about $7,000 worth of flights while paying minimal fees. I’m sure that there are ways to churn credit cards to earn more, but this has worked well for us over the years.
  • When in doubt, do it, make it, or insure it yourself. Enough said!