Number 1 Fear of Early Retirement

In order to objectively decide to pursue an early retirement, I must consider all arguments for and against it. The greatest fear of mine for early retirement is that while I’m on this journey, essentially life will pass me by. Continue reading “Number 1 Fear of Early Retirement”

If Some is Good, More is Better…Right?

This is a phrase that one of my college professors used to say frequently. It seems counterintuitive but sometimes if you keep adding more of a once thought of good thing it can get to a point where it goes against the one thing that you’re trying to achieve. Continue reading “If Some is Good, More is Better…Right?”

The $250 Trip To The Vet

We’re planning on going on vacation in about a month and whenever we go on vacation we put our dog in daycare. Being in daycare, she needs to be up to date on all of her shots etc, so I took her to the vet last weekend. Continue reading “The $250 Trip To The Vet”